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Plastic bottles needed please and any soft balls!

posted Feb 15, 2012 17:18:01 by Heather
Hello all, could you please save me any empty 1 or 2 litre squash or fizzy bottles for next week's Beavers? Also does anyone have any soft tennis sized balls we could borrow to throw at said bottles? :)
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EmmaVictoriaRoberts said Feb 16, 2012 20:49:22
Do you mean the week first week back to school?
And I'm sure I could find some soft balls you can borrow! :)

Heather said Feb 16, 2012 22:25:19
Yes (not tomorrow the Friday after). That would be great if you could find some soft balls. They need to be hard enough to knock a pop bottle down but not hard enough to knock out a Beaver! Thanks Emma, see you tomorrow!
Heather said Feb 20, 2012 17:05:34
Update. PE dept have got loads of exactly the right kinds of balls that I can borrow on Friday. Any empty plastic bottles would still be great though! :)
JimHoward-Birt said Feb 22, 2012 09:12:36
We don't have many, but I'll keep an eye out for some.
Heather said Feb 22, 2012 21:15:05
Thank you :)
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